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Aldi Is Selling Two New Sandwich-Inspired Dips, & Commenters Have Excellent Ideas About How To Use Them

If you’re on the hunt for something new to tingle your tastebuds, then head to your nearest Aldi stat. Aldi is currently selling two new sandwich-inspired dips and the people in the comments on Instagram have already found some tasty ways to use them.

As captured by @aldifavoritefinds, the first of the new dips is the brand’s Reuben Style Dip which contains cured beef, cream cheese, and sauerkraut. And the second is Aldi’s Gyro Style Dip made with beef, cream cheese, and feta cheese.

“$3.99 each for Reuben or Gyro style dip,” @aldifavoritefinds captioned the pic. “Which will you choose?”

If you’re unclear on how exactly to use these dips, the commenters on the @aldifavoritefinds post have you covered. There are so many delicious-sounding ways to eat this dip, you’ll probably want to try them all.

“I got the gyro dip and put a spoonful in a wrap with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles for a homemade gyro,” one person wrote. “It was delicious.”

Another commenter added that they put the gyro style dip on mini naan bread and ate the Reuben dip with rye chips.

And one person shared a recipe for a glorious Reban-style grilled cheese sandwich. “The Reuben with gouda slices. Swiss cheese. Kraut. All on the best sourdough…Aldi!!” they wrote, calling this combo the “best grilled cheese.” We believe it.

But as another commenter wrote, these dips are tasty enough to eat plain on crackers, too. “Picked them both up. Had the gyro dip on crackers, delicious. Tonight trying the Reuben.”

So if you’re craving something new and delicious, Aldi has just the thing to zest up any sandwich, wrap or cracker. And honestly, you may just be tempted to eat these dips by the spoonful, too.

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