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Aldi’s New $13 Cold Brew Coffee Maker Is Already Getting Rave Reviews From Shoppers

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It’s hard to deny the role coffee plays in our daily rituals. In the winter, a warm cup of coffee is the only thing able to lure us out from beneath the covers on a chilly morning, and in the summer, a tall glass of iced coffee is what fuels us through the afternoon sunshine. But we’ve noticed that most of the time, if we’re ordering on-the-go, iced coffee costs more than hot coffee, and cold brew costs even more, though there are some great ready-to-drink cold brews on the market these days. So, to save money, we’ve started to attempt making iced coffee at home on our own. Thankfully, Aldi just brought back a seasonal cold brew coffee maker that’s got great reviews from customers to help us out, and it’s got a price tag you almost won’t believe.

Aldi’s Crofton Cold Brew Coffee System is back on store shelves, and it’s just $12.99. Each one features a glass carafe with a silicone grip that comes in several different colors, and they all have stainless steel filters for your coffee grounds.

Aldi fans on Instagram flocked to a post from @AldiFavoriteFinds to chat about how much they loved the cold brew maker.

“I love my cold brew system! Bought mine last year. I use it for my cold brew tea as well,” shared one happy customer. “It’s a game changer,” said another. “Buy any bagged coffee you like and put 3/4 cup into the cylinder, wait 12-14 hours and delish! Save a ton of money too.”

We’re pretty much sold, but what about those of us who don’t have an Aldi nearby? We went online and found some other cold brew makers with great reviews people can check out, too.

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Takeya.

The Takeya is the #1 best-selling cold brew maker on Amazon for a reason.
It has a sleek shape that won’t take up too much space on your counter or in the fridge, and it’s airtight, so once your coffee is brewed it will keep fresh in the carafe for up to two weeks. The fine mesh filter keeps the coffee grounds out of your cold brew, and it’s easy to remove, empty, and clean, too.

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker $27.99 Buy now Sign Up

Bodum Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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Courtesy of Bodum.

If you’re looking for a cold brew maker that’s affordable and durable, check out this model from Bodum.
We’ve used a Bodum French press to make hot coffee for years, and with this maker, you can brew up to 51 ounces of cold brew in one go to fuel your week. It comes with one lid to cover the coffee while it’s in the fridge overnight, and another with a plunging filter that separates the coffee grounds from your cold brew.

Bodum Cold Brew Coffee Maker $13.47 Buy now Sign Up

Whether you’re shopping at Aldi or Amazon, getting a cold brew maker this summer is bound to save you money on take-out iced coffee in the long run. And if you drink as much iced coffee in the summer as we do, it might not even take that long for it to pay for itself!

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