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This Bakery Made Famous By Sex & The City Turned Its Signature Dessert Into Delicious Cookies & You Can Order Them Online

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Have you ever heard so much about a certain food, that even if you don’t live near the place where it’s made, trying it is all you can think about? There are a few different items we can think of that made us feel that way, from the original Cronut to rainbow bagels, and, of course, Magnolia Bakery’s famous desserts. While their cupcakes were made famous by an appearance on Sex And The City, and started a national cupcake craze that seemingly still has yet to die down, what Magnolia Bakery is really known for is their banana pudding. And now, thanks to some baking ingenuity, they’ve transformed their signature dessert into something more easily shippable: banana pudding cookies.

Though you can order Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Pudding online to be shipped to you, too, it comes at a price, and not everyone is a fan of puddings. Outrageous? Yes. True? Also yes.

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Courtesy of Magnolia Bakery.
Classic Banana Pudding Multipack $58.00

But more importantly, we can’t eat banana pudding everywere we go. Snacking on a container of pudding while driving is just foolhardy, but taking a bite of a cookie at the stop light? Sure, why not. It’s hard to keep a tub of pudding in your gym bag, but a cookie is portable and ready to be eaten when you need energy the most.

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Courtesy of Magnolia Bakery.
Banana Pudding Cookies $25.00

So, how did they transfer all of the flavor of their classic pudding dessert into cookie form? According to the bakery, their Banana Pudding Cookies are made with “white chocolate chips, vanilla wafers and our world-famous Banana Pudding mix,” giving them a spot-on flavor. Each pack of cookies comes with 6 treats to eat, share, or hoard in the freezer for when you really need a pick-me-up.

That sounds pretty delicious to us. And if you really want a banana pudding experience like no other, why not try to make banana pudding from scratch using Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding cookies in place of the vanilla wafers the recipe usually calls for? That’s banana pudding inception, and we’re totally here for it.

Before you go, check out the gallery below:

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