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This Viral TikTok Grocery Shopping Hack Will Help You Reduce Food Waste & Save Money

Raise your hand if you’ve ever looked in the fridge, closed it, then immediately forgot everything that was in there. (It can’t be just me!) It’s even worse when you’re at the grocery store without a list and can’t remember exactly what you’re out of. So, you buy an extra carton of strawberries just in case, only to get home and see two cartons in the fridge already. It’s a waste of food and money!

If you aren’t the best at staying organized (again, same), then this viral grocery shopping hack on TikTok may be the perfect solution.

TikTok user Annie Laurel (@annielaurel) posted this fun hack on April 9 that will save you money and reduce food waste by helping you keep track of the food in your fridge.


Ps if anyone knows how get rid of the pink effect hmu #diy #mini #fyp #lesswaste !!!

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“I made these little magnets to help me keep track of what food I have,” Laurel wrote on the video. The footage is a closeup of her fridge, where she has placed tiny food magnets, including BBQ sauce, Pepsi, bagels, hummus, sour cream, pickles, yogurt, and, yes, strawberries. They are so cute!

These magnets reflect the food in the fridge, so you don’t need to open and close it a million times anymore when making a snack. Then when she runs out of an item, she moves it.

“When I run out of something I move it to the corner and then I know I need to get it next time I go grocery shopping,” she wrote. If you aren’t a write-down-a-list person, then you can simply snap a picture of the corner of your fridge as you head out to the store.

For her, this trick has helped eliminate food waste. “I’ve been so much less wasteful since doing this!!!” she added.

People were loving this hack. One person said, “as a person who struggles with outta sight outta mind, PLEASE put them on Etsy!!! 🥰” Another wrote, “literally the most useful thing i’ve seen on my fyp in MONTHS.” Someone else does something similar, but loves this idea more. “I use a dry erase marker but this is so much cuter,” they wrote.

If you want to try this yourself, Laurel also posted a video tutorial for how to make the magnets.


I’m so happy for all the positive feedback on these, I hope this helps! Sorry in advance for my bad cutting skills #fyp #diy #diyproject

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“DIY food magnets!” she wrote, adding it only takes about 10 minutes to make. You’ll need scissors, glue, magnets, printer, and laminating paper. First, print pictures of your favorite foods. Then stick laminating paper on both sides of the pictures and carefully cut them out. Next, glue the magnets to the back. Once they are dry, you can put them on your fridge!

“Thank you! This is going to help my ADHD so much,” someone wrote on this video. Others suggested alternate ways of making these, like adhesive magnetic tape or clearing packing tape over the magnet so it won’t scratch your fridge.

This is a cute and fun way to stay organized!
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