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This Easy-To-Clean Cold Brew Maker Works With Your Favorite Wide-Mouth Mason Jars & Basically Pays For Itself

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There are a lot of things we need to make sure our day starts off on the right foot each morning, but probably nothing is more imporant than our morning cup of coffee. Cliche? We don’t care. That first sip of hot java in the winter is what wakes us up, and we’re rarely found without a cup of iced coffee in our hands when it’s warm out. But all of that iced coffee can get expensive, and those disposable plastic cups aren’t the most environmentally friendly, either. That’s why it makes so much more sense to make cold brew at home. And if you’ve had any negative or messy experiences with making cold brew in the past, then this clever new product will blow your mind — it’s a cold brew maker that works with regular wide-mouth Ball jars, and cleanup with this contraption is surprisingly easy.

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Courtesy of County Line.

County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Maker Mason Jar $24.45

Whether you make it hot or cold, dealing with used coffee grounds is never fun. But at least in a hot coffee maker there’s usually a filter to trap the grounds. In contrast, lots of homemade cold brew recipes call for you to mix coffee grinds and water in a pitcher or a jar, then once the mix has steeped for long enough in the fridge, to pour the liqud through a strainer into another container. Without fail, it’s an annoying and messy process that results in coffee grounds and coffee spilling all over the counters. But the County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar Iced Coffee Maker saves you from the hassle.


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Courtesy of Bizzy.

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee $14.23

It has a filter that you can pour your favorite ground coffee right into, then set into the Ball jar full of water. Let the mixture steep over night, then remove the reusable metal filter full of wet coffee grounds and dump them in the trash. It’s that easy! And in the jar, you’ll find nothing but smooth, filtered cold brew coffee, there to help you start your day.

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Courtesy of S’well.

S'well Stainless Steel Iced Coffee Tumbler with Straw $35

This mason jar cold brew coffee maker is just $24.45. That means that in just a handful of uses, you’re already saving big money compared with what it costs to buy cold brew at a coffee shop, and since you’re making your drink at home, you can skip the disposable plastic cup, too, and drink your coffee from a reusable tumbler. Saving money…and the environment? That sounds good to us.

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