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Aldi’s New Glass Storage Containers Look Exactly Like the Ones Khloé Kardashian Uses In Her Pantry

Khloé Kardashian’s perfectly curated kitchen pantry (read: grocery store) is a slice of organized, structured Heaven that puts even the best kitchen storage solutions to shame. And if you’ve ever caught a glimpse of her color-coordinated fridge (and her urge to keep everything super neat and tidy inside it), the immaculate state of her pantry really should come as no surprise. Luckily for us, we can recreate some of the organizational magic with Aldi’s new glass storage containers.

Aldi fan account,, recently spotted these lookalike jars at her local store — without a jaw-dropping price tag. The Aldi Crofton glass canisters are only $9.99 for a set of two, and they’re almost identical to the glass canisters that uniformly line Khloé’s kitchen pantry shelves. Kourtney’s up-close look into her sister’s pantry on her website, Poosh, shows how The Kardashians star uses her lidded, glass jars to house all the loose odds and ends that usually come in plastic or paper containers. There’s an entire shelf of canisters dedicated to baking essentials like chocolate chips and sprinkles, and another set of jars that keep her pasta, bread crumbs, quinoa, fried onions and vegetable bullion cubes contained.

Of course, you can also use the Crofton glass canisters from Aldi to store spices, salt, sugars, and flour. Instead of keeping the canisters stored away behind a kitchen or pantry drawer, they’d also be perfect to display on a counter top beside a coffee or tea bar. You can even apply a label with a cute font on the front to achieve even more Kardashian vibes.

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