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These Sleek Wooden Lids Turn Basic Mason Jars In To Gorgeous Storage Containers

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If you have a constantly over-flowing pantry, then there’s a good chance you’ve tried your fair share of storage solutions. One of our favorite ways to contain the outpouring of wrinkled bags of flour and crumbled-up boxes of ziti is to re-package them in an air-tight container. More often than not, we turn to empty mason jars for this task. We always seem to have some on hand, they’re clear so you can see what’s inside, and they look a lot nicer than a random assortment of deteriorating packaging. But now, there’s a new product that makes using mason jars for storage even better: wooden storage lids for mason jars with an air-tight seal.

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Courtesy of Ball.

Ball Wooden Storage Lids, regular $18.51

If you’ve stored things in a mason jar with a regular metal lid and band, then you know how frustrating the two-part lid can be, especially if the jar holds an ingredient you use often, like sugar or coffee. The lids also rust easily, which doesn’t just leave gross rust marks on your jar, but also smells weird.

Instead, these acacia wood mason jar lids are just one piece. Pop them on to your mason jar, and the rubber seal will keep your ingredients fresh for longer. No rust, no fussy two-part lid system, and even better? The lids make your mason jars stackable.

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Courtesy of Ball.

Ball Wooden Storage Jar Lids, wide $20.95

You can get lids for standard-mouthed mason jars, but you can also get them for wide-mouthed mason jars, too. We love using wide-mouthed jars for storage especially, because it’s easier to fit scoops and spoons inside. The wide mouth also makes it easier to pour ingredients into.

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Courtesy of Sunshine Mason Co.

Sunshine Mason Co. Pint Size Mason Jars $15.14

You can buy mason jars to use specifically for storage, but don’t forget to save old jam and marinara sauce jars that work with mason jar lids, so you can increase your storage while being an eco-warrior and saving some glass from the landfill.

Your pantry and cabinets will never have looked better than when you swap out those crumbled packages and rusty jar lids with a set of mason jars with wooden lids.

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