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Trader Joe’s New Easter Cupcake Kits Are the Perfect Sweet Treat (& Art Project!) for Your Kids

Chocolate bunnies and jellybeans are great, but if you need a break from candy, then Trader Joe’s has the perfect sweet treat. Their new Easter cupcake kits double as a dessert and an art project — and your kids will love it!

Embracing creativity is a big part of Easter. Between the Easter bunny finding unique spots to hide candy-filled eggs and kids decorating hard-boiled eggs, this spring holiday is a great time to think outside the box. Combining craft time with snack time is an easy and fun way to do that.

Instagram user @traderjoeslist posted a picture of Trader Joe’s new Spring Cupcake Mix on April 4, which are available for $4.99. They come with white cupcake mix, green frosting mix, and caramel chocolate candies that look like tiny, pastel-colored Easter eggs. The assembled product looks like mini Easter baskets, complete with frosting grass, which are almost too adorable to eat!

“How cute is the cupcake grass topped with little eggs?” they captioned the post. “! I really need to get these and make them for my nieces!! Clearly spring has sprung at Trader Joe’s and I am so excited to fill my [Easter] basket with all the goodies!”

Several people commented on the picture, with one saying “Ahhh!!! Soooo ADORABLE!!!!!!!” and another, “How fun is this!!” Others noted that it doesn’t come with an icing nozzle, so you’ll have to purchase one separately to get your green frosting to look like Easter grass.

Whether or not your cupcakes come out looking exactly like the picture or not, this Trader Joe’s cupcake kit will be a delicious and fun spring activity. Make them before Easter and let your kids show them off during the family get-together!

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