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Costco’s Colorful Tumblers Are Insulated and Spill Proof — & Just Right for Outdoor Parties

Eating outside is so nice in the spring. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and it’s the perfect opportunity for a picnic or a neighborhood BBQ. Unfortunately, some things can make eating outdoors less than ideal (hello, mosquito season — you’re the worst). That’s why it’s important to focus on the necessities: like having a never-ending supply of nice, cold wine. Costco —  which is already our go-to spot for delicious snacks and chic patio furniture — is selling colorful stainless steel tumblers that are just right for outdoor parties this spring. You’ll never have to worry about your wine getting warm or spilling on the grass again!

Instagram user @costcosisters posted a picture of these pretty tumblers on March 30 with the caption, “Nice colors on these tumblers!” The tumblers come with four different colored tumblers in one pack: champagne, berry, teal, and dark blue. They are double-walled stainless steel to keep your drink cold, with a non-slip silicone base and a slip-resistant lid to help prevent accidental spills.

The tumblers will also keep warm drinks warm, so you can serve coffee or hot tea if the weather gets cool. And because this four-pack is less than $30 (that’s not even $10 per cup!), you can stock up to make sure you have enough for your outdoor party.

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Courtesy of Rabbit. Costco

Rabbit Double Wall Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler 4-Pack, Costco – $27.99

Keep your wine, cocktails, or water cold while sipping them from these cute wine tumblers from Costco. The double-walled stainless steel keeps helps drinks maintain their temperature (whether cold or hot) and prevents condensation. They each hold up to 12-ounces of liquid, so you can enjoy your drink without needing constant refills!

Not even windy days or a visit from annoying insects could ruin your outdoor party if you have these tumblers! With cold drinks in the warm air, nothing can go wrong.

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