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Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli Just Shared the Best Hack for Making Tender & Tasty Asparagus Every Time

Grilled steak and chicken, fresh fish, and creamy pasta recipes all pair perfectly with asparagus. This vegetable is packed with flavor and nutrients (like vitamins A, C, and K), making it a go-to option for dinner. But it isn’t always easy to prepare — sometimes it comes out too thick, too chewy, or too stringy. That’s why we are loving the hack Alex Guarnaschelli recently posted to get asparagus tender and tasty every time.

In an Instagram video posted March 28, the Iron Chef showcased her simple hack. Peel the asparagus before you cook it! In her video, she is peeling the outer skin of the asparagus.

“I peel gently without too much pressure to take off the outer layer,” Guarnaschelli explained in her caption. “Larger, thicker asparagus are really better peeled. These thinner ones, called ‘pencil’ asparagus, can go either way.”


She recommends peeling asparagus about ¾ of the way up the stalk to get a “more tender, sleeker texture.”

Just to clarify, Guarnaschelli did say you don’t have to peel asparagus if you don’t want to. However, asparagus can be unpredictable, so it’s definitely worth trying this chef-approved hack!

One commenter mentioned they normally “snap off the end of the stalk pretty aggressively,” but they are going to try peeling it instead. “Then they are all uneven and broken,” Guarnaschelli responded. “I find I waste more doing this and it’s not as effective even though it feels like a more true and organic way to deal with asparagus.”

Another person asked if they should bundle them and boil in salt water after peeling, and Guarnaschelli confirmed that’s a good way to prep them. To cook, you can grill them or douse them in olive oil and bake them.

This hack will just add a few minutes to your dinner prep, but the way it’ll make the asparagus taste is so worth it!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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