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Trader Joe’s New Lemon Ice Cream Has a Surprising Ingredient That Adds a Delightful Crunch

Lemonade is a classic summertime staple for a reason. It’s light, tangy, and refreshing (soda could never!). But if you really want a sweet treat, you have to try Trader Joe’s new lemon-flavored ice cream, When Life Gives You Lemons Make Ice Cream.

Taste sunshine in a carton with this delightful dessert that has a surprising ingredient: shortbread cookies! The product description is “lemon ice cream with a lemon swirl and shortbread cookie bits” — and, yes, my mouth is watering already.

Instagram account @thesnacksoflife posted a photo of this new dessert on March 29, which was shared by @traderjoeslist. They wrote “So excited for this new ice cream.” We are too. Can’t you just picture eating it by the pool on a hot day?

For a sneak peek inside the carton, check out the pictures @traderjoesobsessed posted on March 29. They wrote, “We have a new ice cream in town & it is delicious.” They revealed its $3.49 for a pint at their location in California (although it could vary depending on your state), and they rated it 9 out of 10 stars.


“If you love lemon then this is for you!” added @traderjoesobsessed. “It’s a little sweet and has the perfect amount of lemon (more meyer than tart) & the shortbread cookies add great texture! It’s also very creamy! Something tells me this is seasonal so make sure to grab one!”

The ice cream is a creamy lemony treat with crunchy shortbread cookie bits that make for a unique combination. Commenters are loving it, with one writing “this was soooo yummy!!,” and another saying, “holy sugar coma!”

Trader Joe’s has an amazing lineup of spring products, and this one is definitely going to be top of the list too. Grab it before it sells out!

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