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Martha Stewart’s Sheet Pan Pizza Is Almost as Fast as Delivery & Doesn’t Require Any Fancy Cookware

For those of us with a pizza delivery number saved to our phone’s Favorites, making homemade pizza can seem daunting. But with just two steps and no fancy cookware required — not to mention tons of mouth-watering toppings! — Martha Stewart’s sheet pan pizza recipe will be your new go-to for movie nights or get-togethers with the girls.

Stewart posted her Sausage, Mushroom, and Pickled-Pepper Pizza recipe to Instagram March 27, with a picture of pizza that looks so delicious we can almost smell it from our screens. It uses pre-made dough to make it as quick and convenient as ordering out, and savory ingredients like mozzarella, Italian sausage, shiitake-mushroom caps, red onion, pickled cherry peppers, and fresh basil leaves.

“Italian sausage, pickled cherry peppers, and umami-rich shiitake mushrooms take this pan pizza into bold territory,” wrote Stewart. “The pie is made with a fast-rising dough so it’s almost as fast — and twice as delicious — as delivery.”

Prep the pre-made dough on a pan by drizzling with olive oil, then top with your favorite ingredients (yes, you can tweak slightly depending on your preferences). The sheet pizza is then baked using a regular pizza stone — like the kind you use for frozen pizzas. Finally, add some fresh basil on top of the cooked pie for the perfect finishing touch. The whole recipe, which was originally published in Martha Stewart Living’s March 2020 issue, takes about 40 minutes to make including prep time. This is honestly even faster than some pizza deliveries, especially on weekends!

Give your tastebuds a treat (and impress your friends!) by making this pizza today.

Get the full recipe for Stewart’s Sausage, Mushroom, and Pickled-Pepper Pizza at her website.

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