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Martha Stewart Makes Her Scrambled Eggs In a Unique & Healthy Way We’re Trying ASAP

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After years of wondering how to make a breakfast meal that Martha Stewart would be proud of, we now know what Stewart herself makes for breakfast.

On March 19, Stewart posted a photo of a delicious-looking breakfast meal onto her Instagram. She posted it with the caption, “This is how @marthastewart48 makes scrambled eggs, so you know it’s going to be good. First, preparation is everything. Before you even start to scramble, toast, and butter the English muffins and pop them in a warm oven on the plates, you’ll serve breakfast on. The eggs are cooked in clarified butter, they turn out soft, moist, and slide easily out of the pan.”

So, we now know how Stewart takes her eggs in the morning, specifically how she makes an amazing and super-easy breakfast on those hectic days — you know it’s going to be heavenly. This five-minute routine is perfect for any cook, whether they be a beginner or expert.

Now for this simple recipe, you only need the basics like eggs, kosher salt, and English muffins. And if you want to be exactly like Stewart, you can grab some steamed asparagus and bacon for a balanced breakfast.

This recipe only takes a few steps for a complete, delicious meal. You start by whisking the eggs and ending by sprinkling any seasoning you may want on your eggs in the AM.

Get Stewart’s Scrambled Eggs recipe here.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow of Martha Stewart dinner recipes to prepare right after those snacks below:

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