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Martha Stewart & Her Team Swear By This $12 Ingredient With Nearly 13,000 5-Star Reviews 

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Whether it’s a kitchen tool, we didn’t know we needed or a recipe that quickly becomes our next dinner staple, Martha Stewart knows how to enrich our lives. We’ve fawned over her recipes for years now, but we always want to know what she personally frequently uses in her recipes. She’s given us hints before, like with her go-to all-purpose flour, but we finally figured out another go-to product of hers that pops up in hundreds of her recipes.

We’ve seen it pop up in her Everything Cookies, Daffodil Cake recipe, and much more. It’s a small, but might ingredient needed for a lot of her and her team’s foods called the Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt.

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Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt $12.49 on

The Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is a kosher salt with maximum flavor, light texture, and it’s made with less sodium. In fact, per the brand, its clean taste comes from the fact that it has “53 [percent] less sodium by volume compared to table salt.” It also has nearly a perfect rating with over 14,000 reviews (with over 13,000 being 5-star reviews!)

Per Stewart’s website, it’s said that her food editors also love the salt “because it isn’t too overpowering, which means you can slowly build flavor with less of a risk of over-salting your food.”

Whether it’s a finishing salt or needed in the recipe, you can’t go wrong with this Stewart and her team’s go-to salt.

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