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Martha Stewart’s Ultra-Chocolatey Muffins Have a Secret Vegetable Ingredient That Makes Them Super-Rich

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It’s a question as old as time itself: what’s the difference between a cupcake and a muffin? One has frosting on top and is served for dessert, the other is sometimes glazed or iced and is served for breakfast. If you’ve ever had a chocolate muffin, these thoughts probably crossed your mind. But Martha Stewart‘s chocolate muffins actually have several healthy additions that make them ideal for breakfast, with a chocolatey taste you’d still swear was meant for dessert. Basically, it’s the best of both worlds.

For starters, there is plenty of chocolate in the recipe, both Dutch-processed cocoa powder, which gives the muffins a lovely color, and chocolate chips. And though the muffins are sweet, they’re definitely not as sweet as cupcakes, and use brown sugar and maple syrup for a more nuanced flavor than plain white sugar would give.

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Then there’s Stewart’s secret ingredient. She adds a bunch of heart-healthy fat to these chocolate muffins by including mashed avocado in the recipe. It helps keep the muffins moist, and along with healthy fats also adds fiber and extra vitamins. Safflower or avocado oil is also included, so you’ll never get the dreaded dry muffin bite that makes you choke.

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Another thing that makes these chocoalte muffins a great breakfast choice? They’re not made with white flour. Stewart recommends using spelt flour, which is delicious when paired with cocoa, or whole wheat flour, both of which have more protein and fiber than white flour.

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You can optionally sprinkle the tops of your muffins with sanding sugar, but you can leave it off if you want the recipe to be less sweet. Alternatively, you could top your baked muffins with a swirl of your favorite frosting, and think of them as better-for-you cupcakes. The only thing we know is that, muffin or cupcake, this Martha Stewart chocolate recipe is totally delicious.

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