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This Is The Grocery Subscription Box Bobby Flay Swears By

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We love going to the farmer’s market, but it’s winter. And the grocery store has gotten a lot less fun lately, what with supply chain shortages and Covid and all of that not-so-fun stuff. So, we’ve been a lot more interested lately in produce and grocery boxes that let you choose from a bunch of different items online, then schedule a delivery to have your box sent to your home. There are tons of different options to choose from, but Bobby Flay uses Misfits Market, and on the latest episode of his podcast Always Hungry with daughter Sophie, he talked more about why Misfits Market is his go-to.

For full disclosure, Misfits Markets did sponsor this episode of Always Hungry so it could be commerical-free, but cookbook author and television star Flay has been working with them because he believes in their mission: to fight food waste and to try to fix a broken food system.

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On his podcast, Flay talked about how 50% of the food grown in this country ends up in a landfill, a lot of times for simple cosmetic reasons. This can be true of both fresh produce and packaged goods, and Misfits Market sells both for up to 40% off retail prices. Some of the products have blemishes or might be larger or smaller than what you’d usually see in the store, but they’re still delicious, nutritious, and ready to be eaten.

Unlike some boxes, where you can’t choose what you get delivered, Misfits Market lets you decide what you’ll get in your box, with a $30 minimum order. You’ll have three days to build your order, and new items are added every week. They have a selection of vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, snacks, pantry items, and more. Even better? If you aren’t sure what to make with the produce you got in your box, you can check out Flay’s Instagram, where he shares recipes that can be used with items you get in your delivery.

On Always Hungry, Flay made a pomegranate red wine vinaigrette for a salad made with Misfits Market produce like frisee and endive, bitter winter greens that can be delicious when treated appropriately.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can sign up for your first delivery on the Misfits Market website.

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Misfits Market Box $30+

According to Flay, Misfits Market wants to be a full-service marketplace, where you can do a large chunk of your grocery shopping in one place, and save food that was destined for a landfill all in one go. And if you ever have an ingredient in your box that you’re not sure how to use, just see if Flay has shared any tips or recipes on his Instagram account.

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