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Been Desperate to Clean Your Keurig? These $10 Pods Will Remove Residue, Stains & Old Grounds

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If you hate fussing with a complicated coffee maker first thing when you wake up, spilling coffee grounds everywhere, and never knowing exactly how your moning cup o’ Joe is going to turn out, then you probably have a Keurig K-Cup machine
. They’re really the easiest way to make a cup of coffee in the morning – just fill with water, pop in a K-Cup pod
, and brew. But even though they’re so much simpler than a traditional electric coffeemaker, Keurigs still get dirty, and it can be hard to figure out how to clean them.

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Courtesy of Keurig.

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Thankfully, there’s a simple, affordable solution that will get your machine clean
in no time so you can keep sipping on your favorite coffee in the morning without worrying that you’re accidentally chugging down mold, grime, and stale old coffee grounds.

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Courtesy of Quick & Clean.

6-Pack of Cleaning Cups for Keurig K-Cup Machines $9.95 Buy now Sign Up

Cleaning your Keurig is as simple as making coffee from a K-Cup. These Keurig K-Cup Machine Cleaning Cups
pop into your machine the same way a coffee pod would, and then you just brew one large cycle. Then, remove the cleaner pod and run one water-only cycle. The result is a cleaner machine and better tasting coffee.

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Courtesy of Perfect Samplers.

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Each six-pack of cleaning pods
is just $9.95, which is well worth the time they’ll save you if you tried to clean the machine by yourself. That’s enough for 3 months of regularly cleaning. Regular use of these cups will also help remove build up that could clog up the mechanisms in your machine, meaning they could help it last longer, too.

The whole reason why most of us get a Keurig K-Cup machine is because we don’t feel like dealing with the stress and mess of a traditional coffeemaker. We just want clean-tasting coffee in seconds. These cleaning cups
will make sure your coffee not only tastes good, but also that your machine lasts.

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