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Everything You Need to Make Pizza at Home for the Super Bowl So You Can Skip the Pricey Delivery

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If you plan on watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, chances are you’re already thinking about the food you’ll be making, serving, and ordering for the big game (Alex Guarnaschelli’s salami-stuffed mozzarella sticks are definitely on the menu). But ordering food delivery on Super Bowl Sunday can be a total pain. Prices are jacked up, wait times are outrageous, and nine times out of ten your pizza arrives cold. The best part of pizza is the warm crust and melty cheese, so getting cold pizza for dinner on Game Day is a non-starter (we reserve cold pizza for breakfast).

Our solution? Make pizza yourself at home. It’s surprisingly easy, and you can go as in-depth or as laid-back as you’d like, making dough from scratch and leaving it to cold ferment in the fridge for several days, or just getting pre-made pizza dough from the grocery store or your favorite pizzeria. But what will really help you churn out restaurant-quality pizzas at home is making sure you have the right equipment.

Pizza Stone

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Courtesy of Heritage Products.

One of the most important tools for making good pizza at home is a pizza stone. A pizza stone helps mimic the way a brick oven cooks pizza, and allows the crust to get really crispy on the bottom before the ingredients on top of the pizza burn. This one is non-stick, and it’s grease and burn resistant for easy cleaning. Just make sure you place it in the oven while it’s cold, then allow it to stay in the oven as it pre-heats.

Heritage Ceramic Pizza Stone $39.97

Pizza Peel

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Courtesy of Checkered Chef.

To get your pizza on the pizza stone, you’ll need a pizza peel. We love the design of this pizza peel, because the handle retracts when you’re not using it for easy storage. Basically, you’ll want to sprinkle the pizza peel with flour, cornmeal, or semolina, then assemble the dough, sauce, and toppings on top of it. When the oven and your pizza stone are pre-heated, just use the peel to slide your uncooked pizza onto the stone. Then, when your pizza is cooked, you can use the peel to lift the pizza off the stone and out of the oven,

Checkered Chef Pizza Paddle $24.99

Mezzaluna Pizza Cutter

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Courtesy of Checkered Chef.

Last but not least, you’ll want to cut your pizza like a pro. You can use a pizza wheel cutter, but we prefer a mezzaluna-style rocking blade pizza cutter. You can exert more pressure on it to really cut through the bottom crust, and it’s also better for pizzas with tons of toppings – sometimes pizza wheels are just too short and we end up getting molten cheese and sauce on our fingers when we try to cut up our pie. The mezzaluna can be used for lots of other things too, from making chopped salads to cutting up trays of brownies or slicing grilled chicken.

Checkered Chef Mezzaluna Pizza Cutter $15.99

Of course, if you want to skip delivery and don’t feel like making pizza from scratch, you can always cook up a frozen pizza on the pizza stone, too – you might be surprised at how much better it turns out (you can see our ranking of the best frozen pizzas here).

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