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This TikTok Twist on Avocado Toast Adds Tons of Protein to Your Favorite Breakfast

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Before we found avocado toast, what did we even eat for breakfast? It was usually something boring, like a protein bar, or, worse nothing at all. But we totally fell for the crispy-creamy combo of avocado toast, and these days it’s a staple of our mornings. However, there are some mornings when we do crave something more substantial, especially in the protein department. So when we saw this TikTok twist on avocado toast that we had never even thought of before, we knew it was the answer to our protein woes.

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It sounds simple at first: just add egg. But if someone told us that, we would assume they meant add scrambled eggs, a poached egg, or a fried egg on top, and this TikTok avocado toast trend is so much more random and fun than that.

People are taking hard boiled eggs, and actually grating them over the avocado toast. It adds a totally new textural component to the meal. The grated egg is surprisingly light and fluffy, creating a mountain of snow-like protein on top. For the fluffiest egg, use a Microplane or similar zester. Apparently, it’s even a technique that famed farm-to-table chef Dan Barber uses at his restaurant Blue Hill.

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Courtes of Microplane.

Microplane Classic Zester/Grater $15.99

It’s also recommended that you add a few dollops of Kewpie Mayo, a slightly sweet Japanese mayonnaise, on your bread before you add the avocado and egg, which adds a bit more richness and a tangy-sweet flavor.

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Courtesy of Kewpie.

We’ve seen this recipe a few times on TikTok, and just like with regular avocado toast, there’s lots of room for experimentation. Add your favorite condiments, use your favorite bread, and you might just realize you have a new favorite breakfast.

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