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Take a Peek at Trader Joe’s Valentine’s Day Treats This Year

Valentine’s Day is bound to be extra-sweet this year — especially if you’re picking up gifts (and treats for yourself!) at Trader Joe’s. And the California-based grocer’s stores are already stocked up on a variety of Valentine’s Day treats, from heart-shaped macarons and exes-and-oh’s gummy candy to treats for your furry loved one.

“The heart shaped macarons have been spotted in New York, Minnesota and Chicago,” Trader Joe’s Obsessed recently wrote on Instagram of the eight-pack of macarons that boast vanilla creme and a strawberry and raspberry creme center. Not only do they make for affordable Valentine’s Day gifts at $4.99 a box, but they’re also “chewy, not too sweet & addicting!”

“I wish I got 2 Boxes last year,” Trader Joe’s Obsessed continued. “They are almost too cute to eat.” And they’re so popular, they sell out quickly, too; so be sure to snag a box (or two) the next time you’re at Trader Joe’s.

Chocolate lovers will want to head straight to the baked goods section to pick up Trader Joe’s For the Love of Chocolate Mousse Cake. At $6.99 each, the decadent rich chocolate layer cake features a chocolate mousse filling, and according to the product description, “true love.”

Trader Joe’s shoppers will also spot their popular Raspberry Mousse Cakes ($3.49), Belgian Chocolate Hearts ($1.49), and Mini Heart Cookies ($2.99) in stores. The latter is another one of our favorites pick up as gifts; at $2.99 each, the dark chocolate-covered shortbread cookies are downright irresistible.

Looking for fruity candy? You’ll find that at Trader Joe’s, too. Not only will you find Gummy X’s & O’s for $2.99 a bag, but the Jelly Bean Hearts are also back.

And don’t forget the pups!

Trader Joe’s pets aisle is fully stocked with Mint Flavor Dog Treats. They’re grain-free and made with beet powder.

Before you go, check out the gallery below:

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