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This TikTok-Famous Kitchen Tool Is a Pickle Lover’s Dream Come True

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Burgers and sandwiches are great and everything, but when we get an order from the deli, what we’re really looking forward to is the pickle. Just take a look at our fridge if you don’t believe us. It’s packed to the gills with jar upon jar of all sorts of pickles, olives, capers, and other briny delights. But there’s nothing more annoying than trying to get your beloved salty, sour snack out of the jar. Putting your fingers right in the brine is obviously a no-go, but sometimes a spoon or fork just doesn’t cut it either. That’s why we’ve been so obsessed with this hourglass pickle jar that we’ve been seeing all over TikTok.

@jkentrn Reply to @bewitchingt We never use a fork, but used one to show how it could be used ☺️ #pickles #picklejar ♬ Rasputin (Single Version) – Boney M.

We don’t always advocate for specialty items like this, unless they’re really unique and helpful (like this electric butter sprayer for popcorn that every movie lover needs). If you eat a lot of pickles or olives, this container is a game-changer, and it’s less than $25.

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Courtesy of PUGE.

Pickle and Olive Hourglass Jar $22.68

Basically, it has an hourglass shape. You add the pickles and their brine to the container, and the brine filters through to the bottom chamber, while the pickles, olives, or other solids sit in the top chamber. When you’re ready to put them in the fridge, you attach the lid of the container, then flip it. The brine filters into the chamber with the pickles, so they stay preserved while they’re in the fridge. The next time you’re ready for a snack, flip the container again, and the brine will filter back into the bottom chamber so you can easily grab a pickle or olive without getting covered in salty vinegar.

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Courtesy of Mario Camacho.

Mario Camacho Castelvetrano Pitted Olives $3.58

The jar has a wide mouth, so you can use pretty much any utensil to take your precious pickle out. The whole experience is just much less messy and gross than digging your hand into a narrow-mouthed jar and getting brine everywhere. Pickle lovers of the world, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.

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