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TikTok-Loved Dash Has a Genius Butter Sprayer So You Can Make Movie Theater Popcorn at Home

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One of our favorite parts of going to the movies, other than watching the trailers for all of the other upcoming features, is getting the biggest bucket of popcorn we can order, and making sure they drench it with butter (or whatever that yellow stuff they use at the movie theater is). But many of us haven’t been going out to the movie theaters that much these days, streaming shows and new releases at home instead. The popcorn craving, however, lingers, and microwaved popcorn just doesn’t do the trick. The answer to perfectly seasoned, buttery popcorn at home? The Dash Electric Butter Sprayer.

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Courtesy of Dash.

Dash Electric Butter Sprayer $68.24

You’d probably heard of Dash before. They’re famous for their affordable mini waffle makers and other kitchen appliances, which vary from common items like air fryers to more specialized items like, well, their electric butter sprayer.

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Courtesy of Dash.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker $16.59

If you’ve ever tried to add melted butter to your popcorn at home, you know what a disaster it can be. The butter drips everywhere, landing in big puddles on some popcorn in your bowl, while missing the rest entirely, so at the end of your culinary escapades you’re left with popcorn that’s 50% damp and greasy and 50% dryer than the Sahara. The fine mist action of the Dash Electric Butter Sprayer solves all of those problems.

First, you’ll want some freshly popped popcorn (you can try using the Dash Hot Air Popcorn Popper for that step). Then, get your butter sprayer ready. You just add cold butter to your sprayer, place it on the charging stand, and within seconds you’ll be spraying a fine mist of melted butter over your popcorn. You can also use the sprayer to add a fine mist of butter to pots and pans before cooking, to baste roasted chickens and turkeys, to top toast or pancakes – basically, anywhere you’d want melted butter.

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Courtesy of Dash.

DASH Hot Air Popcorn Popper $24.99

The sprayer itself comes with a charger base that it stands up on for easy storage, and a few extra nozzle sponges in case yours gets clogged and needs to be replaces.

The sprayer comes in two colors, Pro Chef Blue and White. Choose the one you like, because chances are you’ll end up using your Dash Electric Butter Sprayer so often, it ends up living on your countertop.

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