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Alex Guarnaschelli Is Shedding Light On This Fragrant, Giant Citrus Fruit

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You might associate the bright colors of citrus and the taste of lemonade with summer, but in truth, citrus season happens during the winter months. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that grows citrus, chances are that this time of year your farmer’s markets are loaded with all types of mandarins, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit, and a giant, grapefruit-like sphere you can’t quite place. You may have seen these large, fragrant orbs in your grocery store, too. Well, luckily we have Alex Guarnaschelli, the star of Alex vs. America, to help us figure this one out. The fruit is pomelo, and based on what the Iron Chef says, it’s one winter citrus fruit you’ve got to try.

According Guarnaschelli, author of “Cook With Me: 150 Recipes For the Home Cook,” pomelo fruit is the ancestor to grapefruit. “We are like the dinosaur’s tart fruity juicy answer to the original request for a yellow grapefruit,” she said in her Instagram post. The fruit tastes “a little bit sour and tart like a lime but also floral and fruity like grapefruit,” and it has a thick peel and lots of bitter pith you’ll want to remove before digging in.

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Cook with Me: 150 Recipes for the Home Cook $17.49

But now you’re probably wondering, how do you eat a pomelo once it’s peeled? Guarnaschelli suggests that you “Break up into sections and eat us as is with a sprinkle of brown sugar or use us in cocktails, salads, avocado toast or even on top of fish or roasted chicken.” You can also brulee halved pomelos with sugar, like you might with a grapefruit.

If you haven’t seen pomelos at your farmer’s market or grocery store (check your local Asian grocery store, too – pomelos are native to Southeast Asia), you’re not out of luck. You can actually get them delivered to you.

You can order honey pomelos and red pomelos from Weee!, an online Asian and Hispanic food shop that delivers around the country.

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Courtesy of Weee!.

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Courtesy of Weee!.

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Once you try this giant, fragrant citrus fruit, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss pomelo season again.

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