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If You’re Tired Of Holiday Cooking, Martha Stewart’s 30-Minute Pasta With Shrimp & Greens Is For You

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The holidays are a time for gathering, listening to music, shopping, wrapping presents, and cooking. Oh, the cooking. We’ve baked hundreds of cookies, have our Christmas and New Year’s menus planned down to the last detail, and still have flashbacks to all of the dishes we had to wash on Thanksgiving, so what we’re really looking for right now is fast and easy dinner recipes that won’t add a ton of work to our already packed culinary to-do lists. Martha Stewart’s 30-minute shrimp pasta recipe hits the nail on the head, as it’s fast, delicious, and unexpectedly packed with greens that will help keep us fueled until January. Leave it to Stewart, who knows how to do (almost) everything – she even wrote the book on it.

The recipe is so simple. First, you cook the pasta, adding in a full bunch of torn kale a couple of minutes before the pasta is al dente. The kale will cook right along with the pasta.

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Courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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In the meantime, make a quick burst cherry tomato pan sauce in your favorite skillet. It only takes about 10 minutes, the cherry tomatoes bursting in the hot oil as they cook along with red pepper flakes and garlic.

Next, rather than dirtying another pan or bowl, you add thawed shrimp that’s been sprinkled with salt right on top of the tomatoes in their skillet. Cover, and the steam from the pan will cook the shrimp as it sits atop the flavorful cherry tomato mixture.

Last but not least, you’ll add the strained pasta and kale to the pan with butter and a half cup of reserved pasta water. The pasta water should have enough starch in it that, as the butter melts and you toss your ingredients together, it will help emulsify everything into a sauce that clings to each piece of pasta.

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Courtesy of TuttoCalabria.

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A sprinkle of cheese on top finishes the dish, and we wouldn’t say no to a dollop of Calabrian Chile paste, either.

We usually associate Martha Stewart with elaborate, fancy recipes, but this 30-minute meal proves that she really can do it all.

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