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The Giant 44-Count Holiday Cookie Tray at Costco Is Back & It’s Only $13.99

If you’re ever pressed for time — or have trouble thinking of ideas — when it comes to bringing a dessert to a Christmas or holiday party, Costco has your back. The wholesale store is blessing us yet again with their giant, fan-favorite Holiday Cookie Tray. 

The highly anticipated cookie tray recently made its reappearance at Costco. The huge package of freshly baked cookies can be found in the superstore’s bakery section, and each individual box is packed with a whopping 44 festive seasonal cookies — that’s over two pounds of cookies! Last year, the famous tray of cookies only contained 42 cookies. We’re not sure why Costco decided to gift us with two extra cookies but we certainly aren’t complaining about it. 

 The assorted Holiday Cookie Tray is only $13.99, making it convenient, festive and totally affordable. That is $3.99 more than the tray cost last year but considering how the price of just about everything seems to be skyrocketing these days, we aren’t too surprised. 

The mega package contains five types of cookies, and it seems like the cookies inside each box can vary depending on which Costco bakery you visit. Some packages contain seasonal green sprinkles, there’s a vanilla-drizzled chocolate variety, and of course, cookies that have red and green chocolates. 

Costco lovers look forward to the return of these affordable Christmas cookie assortments every year, and they’re not the only seasonal desserts available at the retailer. Chocolate Chunk Peppermint Loaf and a Yule Log Cake are also available during the holidays at Costco. It looks like the holiday cookie assortment just adds to the list of reasons we love to shop there, especially around Christmastime.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with more awesome Costco bakery items seen in the gallery below: 

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