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Ina Garten Just Shared a Classic Hanukkah Recipe That Everyone Should Be Making

Any normal person would be completely exhausted after a week-long stint of make-ahead Thanksgiving prep and cooking, but Ina Garten and her phenomenal cooking skills are anything but. In fact, the Barefoot Contessa is sharing yet another delicious recipe on Instagram in celebration of Hanukkah — and it’s a classic staple that Garten warns will “go fast.” 

“Happy Chanukah!!” Garten wrote on her Instagram caption. “But you don’t have to be Jewish to love potato pancakes! Make a lot because they’ll go fast. Have a happy and safe holiday. 🕎” The post features a beautifully styled photo of the golden, light and crispy potato pancakes that boast a sour cream drizzle on top. The cookbook author shares the full recipe on her Barefoot Contessa site.

Garten’s “perfect” potato pancakes are beginner level, which is good news if it’s your first time making the traditional Hanukkah dish. Both yukon gold potatoes and Idaho baking potatoes are needed for the recipe, along with onion, eggs, and panko. Garten advises to begin with simmering the yukon gold potatoes. Meanwhile, you can grate the Idaho baking potatoes and combine them with the cooked ones after — just be sure to squeeze out most of the liquid before mixing the two together. 

The cooking expert finishes off the recipe by stirring in the remainder of the ingredients, and sautéing each flattened potato pancake until they’re golden brown. 

Garten’s perfect potato pancakes sound like an amazing addition to the list of Hanukkah dishes that everyone should try, whether they celebrate the Jewish Festival of Lights or not.

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