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Rachael Ray’s Thanksgiving Side Dishes Will Make This Year’s Feast Your Most Delicious Meal Yet

Thanksgiving dinner might be the most intimidating meal of them all. From planning the Goldilocks of appetizers (i.e., providing a wide assortment of delicious bite-size snacks, but not presenting too many options and run the risk of stuffing your entire family before the turkey makes it onto the table) to curating the perfect cast of side dishes, hosting Thanksgiving can be a stressful event. But when you’re equipped with your favorite Food Network chefs’ favorite Thanksgiving side dish recipes, you simply can’t go wrong.

Previously, we’ve presented the best quick-and-easy Thanksgiving sides, the best no-cook sides, and the best make-ahead sides. We’ve also gathered the best sides from two of everyone’s favorite celebrity chefs, Ina Garten and Martha Stewart. But this year? This year, we’re spotlighting another one of our favorite, go-to chefs with some of the most delicious fail-proof recipes out there: Rachael Ray.

From your classic mashed potatoes to a mac ‘n’ cheese twist on green bean casserole, these are Rachael Ray’s best Thanksgiving side dishes.

Apple, Celery & Onion Stuffing

Combine sweet apples with savory celery and onions for the ultimate stuffing side dish.

“This is the classic stuffing recipe we make every year,” Ray raves. “You can also bake it in buttered muffin tins. We call them stuffing muffins!”

Get the recipe at Ray’s website.

Cranberry-Orange Sauce

Ray’s four-ingredient sauce is a delicious twist on the classic cranberry sauce.

Get the recipe at Ray’s website.

Orange You Glad It’s Thanksgiving Soup

For a creamy butternut squash soup, turn to Ray’s Orange You Glad It’s Thanksgiving Soup, which embraces a variety of herbs and veggies — and pulpy orange juice.

Get the recipe at Food Network.

Pasta with Pumpkin, Brown Butter, Crispy Sage and Nuts

Shake things up this Thanksgiving by serving a pasta side dish — more specifically, Ray’s Pasta with Pumpkin, Brown Butter, Crispy Sage and Nuts.

Get the recipe at Ray’s website.

Rainbow Broccoli or Cauliflower with Sausage

Boasting sweet Italian sausage, toasted walnuts and grated pecorino Romano cheese, this very Italian Thanksgiving side dish works great with either rainbow broccoli, romanesco or cauliflower.

Get the recipe at Ray’s website.

Mashed Potatoes and Parsnips

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t quite the same without a heaping mound of mashed potatoes, and Ray’s twist on the classic side dish features a delicious combo of parsnips and parsley.

Get the recipe at Ray’s website.

Polenta With Rosemary & Black Pepper

Combining rosemary, honey, cheese and black pepper, Ray’s unforgettable polenta is bound to become a Thanksgiving staple.

Get the recipe at Ray’s website.

Roasted Potato Sticks with Rosemary

Who needs scalloped potatoes when you can make roasted potato sticks with rosemary, instead?

Get the recipe at Ray’s website.

No-Fail Gravy

It’s called No-Fail Gravy for a reason: It requires just five ingredients (butter, pepper, flour, store-bought chicken or turkey stock, Worcestershire sauce, and pan drippings), and it’s incredibly easy to make.

Get the recipe at Ray’s website.

Green Bean and Mushroom Mac Casserole

Ray’s creamy casserole combines cremini mushrooms, shallots, two types of cheese (white sharp cheddar and parmigiano-reggiano), short-cut pasta, green beans and fried onions for a delicious twist on the classic green bean casserole.

Get the recipe at Ray’s website.

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