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Ina Garten Has an Easy Recipe for All Those Apples You Just Picked

There is something so comforting about fall food. It’s full of those warm, nutty and spiced flavors that we just can’t resist. If there is anyone we trust when it comes to fall cooking, it’s the goddess herself, Ina Garten. She’s got a wide array of recipes perfect for this cold-weather season like her pumpkin mousse, hot spiced apple cider and apple cake ‘tatin’. Well, she just shared how she likes to make a homemade version of a store bought classic, apple sauce. If you’ve got little kids who love the snack or are planning on going apple picking as a family this fall, definitely read on to learn her recipe and her secrets for making the perfect homemade version.

To make Garten’s applesauce, you’ll need three pounds of Granny Smith apples and three pounds of any sweet, red apples you have on hand. Garten says that using oranges and lemons not only adds extra flavor, but it also keep all those apples from turning brown. So you’ll also need some of those as well. To get that sweet, spiced fall flavor Garten adds brown sugar, cinnamon, and allspice to her delicious mixture. Talk about a fantastic looking combination. She also shared a special tip on how to give the applesauce a rosy color; just add a couple of the red apple skins to the mixture and take them out after the apples have cooked down in the oven. This recipe will make two and a half quarts of apple sauce, so it’s a great one to serve at your next fall get together.

Overall, if you feel like getting into the festive spirit, or are going apple picking anytime soon, this apple sauce recipe would be a great cooking activity to do with the kids. We have a feeling they’ll have just as much fun helping you make it, as they will eating it.

Check out Ina Garten’s Homemade Applesauce recipe.

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