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Trader Joe’s New Cheesy Seasoning Blend Is Your Next Popcorn Must-Have

Trader Joe’s has had quite the few weeks overhauling its stores with new and returning fall favorites, including dozens upon dozens of pumpkin-flavored products. But in the midst of getting their hands on all of TJ’s fall must-haves, shoppers might have missed one product that, sure, is small in size but is bursting with big flavor: Trader Joe’s Cheesy Seasoning Blend. And it, undoubtedly, is bound to be your next favorite popcorn seasoning.

“Admittedly, some of us don’t need any help making anything cheesier. But for culinary situations where you want to turn up the cheese factor a bit, Trader Joe’s Cheesy Seasoning Blend is nothing short of essential,” Trader Joe’s writes.

Available for just $2.99 a bottle, TJ’s Cheesy Seasoning Blend is made from a base of powdered cheddar cheese and features a whole lineup of delicious spices, including garlic powder, onion powder, rosemary, and oregano — making it the perfect companion to popcorn, eggs, veggies, pasta and more.

And since its release, the new product has been a hit with shoppers.

“Ok we have another winning seasoning,” writes Trader Joe’s Obsessed. “This … blend is super versatile and flavorful! It’s light, powdery and fluffy! … I added some on fresh popcorn today and it was amazing…!!!!”

“With just a quick sprinkling of this Cheesy Seasoning Blend, everything from mashed potatoes to roasted broccoli or even sautéed spinach gets an instant kick of Cheddar flavor,” Trader Joe’s writes, adding, “Take it from us — making things cheesy has never before been this easy.”

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