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Martha Stewart’s Coffee Cake Gets Its Delicious Flavor From One Secret Ingredient

When Martha Stewart bakes, it’s bound to be delicious. I mean, really, is there anything this woman doesn’t do perfectly? So when we saw her posting about how to make a yummy coffee cake, we were at full attention. Perfect for brunch or dessert, coffee cake is one of our faves. Stewart had us at hooked right away with the streusel topping — “which is, of course, is very important on any coffee cake,” she notes — but then she blew us away with the secret ingredient that elevates this baked good to epic heights.

“Meyer lemons with their mellow complexity take classic coffee cake to an entirely new level,” Stewart says in the Instagram video. If the Queen of all good things says so, it must be true!

According to the recipe page, “Thought to be a cross of a lemon and a mandarin, the fruit has an orange cast, a thin rind, and a heavily perfumed flesh that’s valued by chefs.” Sounds very fancy and refined, no?

First, though, Stewart says you have to “boil the bitterness out of the lemons” — twice — before layering the slices halfway through and on top of the cake batter.

“”You really want to cut through a layer of gorgeous flavor,” Stewart explains. Yes, ma’am!

In addition to the actual slices of Meyer lemons in the coffee cake, Stewart also adds Meyer lemon zest to the simple sour cream coffee cake batter and Meyer lemon juice to the glaze drizzled on top of the finished cake

Finally, Stewart instructs us to “transfer the cake to a beautiful cake stand, make yourself a big cup of coffee, and enjoy a big piece of cake.”

You don’t have to tell us twice! Please hold while we mindfully devour each and every bite.

Note: The cake can be stored at room temperature up to 3 days, and the lemon flavor will intensify with time. Amazing!

Get the full recipe from Martha Stewart

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