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Ina Garten’s New Twist on Brownies Is a Gooey Masterpiece With a Surprise Inside

Ina Garten has been with her husband Jeffrey for an impressive 50+ years, and this decadent brownie recipe is an integral part of their long-lasting love. Because, as she says, we all know the old cliche about how the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? At just 16, the future Barefoot Contessa would send a big box of brownies off to 18-year-old Jeffrey at college: “I think he was the most popular guy in the dorm when they arrived,” she says. Young love + delicious chocolate treats = happiness for all!

This particular brownie recipe is a molten chocolate masterpiece, with crisp edges and a gooey center, making it more like a cross between a brownie and a pudding, Garten explains. Start with eggs and sugar (obvi), and beat them together. Then in a separate bowl, sift together the cocoa powder and flour. Scrape the seeds out of one vanilla bean and add them to the egg and sugar mix.

So far, this is a pretty standard brownie recipe, but, of course, Garten has a secret ingredient. We’ve come to except it from the Barefoot Contessa!

“I always put one ingredient in a dish that you can’t quite taste, but it makes everything else taste better, and in this one, it’s one tablespoon of framboise” Garten reveals.

Add that raspberry liqueur to the eggs and sugar, reduce the mixer to a very low speed, and slowly introduce the dry ingredients to avoid lumps. Once it’s all mixed well, it’s time to add the final ingredient: two sticks of melted butter.

“Don’t start with me,” Garten kindly retorts to all the shamers out there. “You can’t make brownies without butter. Anyone who tries to make brownies without butter should be arrested. And for brownie pudding, it makes it very wet and delicious.”

Finally, add the batter to a buttered 9-by-12 baking dish and bake in a water bath at 325 degrees for “exactly one hour,” Garten specifies.

That’s how you get the perfect dessert that is cake on the outside and pudding on the inside! We can’t wait to make this on a cool fall night, when we cuddle up under a nice blanket to binge-watch some shows. Maybe we’ll even add a little scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side — we’re sure Ina would approve.

Get the full recipe for Garten’s brownie pudding at Food Network.

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