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Trader Joe’s Sells Cacio E Pepe Pasta Sauce & Cooking Dinner Has Never Been Easier

When it comes to cacio e pepe products, Trader Joe’s is king. Here at the California-based grocer, you’ll find the shelves lined with everything from ravioli to frozen cacio e pepe. And why wouldn’t they go all in on cacio e pepe products? A true comfort dish — and one that’s incredibly easy to make — the traditional Roman pasta dish boasts very few ingredients (black pepper, Pecorino Romano cheese, olive oil and parmesan) and, more importantly, tastes incredible. And now, Trader Joe’s is adding one more cacio e pepe product to its growing collection: Cacio E Pepe Pasta Sauce.

Made with Pecorino Romano cheese and ground black pepper, Trader Joe’s brand-new pasta sauce is available for just $3.49 a jar. According to the photo posted on Trader Joe’s List, one serving equates to about one-quarter cup of creamy sauce, and the jar boasts a total of seven servings.

“I sampled this today and it is SO GOOD!” the Instagrammer raved. “Lots of Pecorino Romano cheese flavor with a peppery kick. Now you can have your Cacio Pepe Pasta anytime with any noodle!”

The product may not be listed on Trader Joe’s website yet, but the product should be hitting all shelves this week. You can always call your local Trader Joe’s to check on availability, though.

And if they don’t sell it yet, don’t fret. You can always try your hand at making the super-popular, always-delicious pasta dish at home. One of our favorite cacio e pepe recipes? Leite’s Culinaria’s cacio e pepe.

Taking a mere 15 minutes to make, David Leite’s recipe sticks to the classic and is very easy to follow.

“Cacio e pepe has always had its ardent devotees. But more and more people have been discovering the easy and indulgent satisfaction that comes from just four or so ingredients that they probably always have on hand,” David Leite, founder of Leite’s Culinaria and author of The New Portuguese Table and Notes on a Banana, tells us. “Those Italian nonnas really knew what they were doing.”

View more cacio e pepe recipes here.

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