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Penske Media Just Launched a New Culture Festival & Foodies Should Be Especially Excited

We’ve spent the past two plus years stuck inside our homes, watching the world shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a result, we missed out on a lot of the food, music and culture festivals that brought so much joy into our lives. Now that the world has opened up again (thank you, vaccines!), we’re ready to attend some of our favorite festivals again. While you’re planning out your food, music and culture festival travels, make sure to add Penske Media’s new Los Angeles-based culture festival called LA3C to your list.

Penske Media Corporation — the parent company of SheKnows, Rolling Stone, Variety, Billboard and more —  announced its inaugural LAC3 Culture & Creativity festival last July but had to reschedule the event due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The two-day festival is a celebration of all that Los Angeles has to offer and “attending the multi-day event means experiencing LA across music, art, entertainment and food,” according to the LA3C website.

Today, Penske Media announced the new dates for the festival.

The inaugural event will take place in Los Angeles at the LA State Historic Park on December 10-11, 2022 and you can expect an immersive and inclusive experience unlike any other festival. The festival will take place throughout the city of Los Angeles and it will feature a curated assortment of best-in-class experiences and events. “Guests can anticipate one-of-a-kind comedy events, numerous live concerts and performances, immersive culinary experiences, fashion activations, leading-actor roundtables and a chance to watch artists and creators in motion,” PMC said in a press release.

For more details and to get tickets, you can visit the LA3C website.

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