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Martha Stewart’s Perfect Summer Sherbet Only Has Two Ingredients & It Doesn’t Require Any Fancy Equipment

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream…or, well, I suppose in this case, sherbet. But when it’s summer, any frozen sweet treat will do, especially when it only takes two ingredients — and a regular old blender — to make! Yes, domestic goddess Martha Stewart has indeed done it again, sweetening up our summer with yet another idyllic frozen dessert recipe that won’t break the bank — or your brain or free time, or even leave you with a multitude of kitchen gadgets to clean — because it’s so perfectly uncomplicated. (And most importantly, delicious.)

“No ice cream maker is needed to make this no-fail two-ingredient sherbet,” Stewart posted alongside an image of the scrumptious sherbet. “Just freeze ripe peaches, blend with condensed milk, and dig in!” She makes it sound so simple…but this time, it actually is!

If you’re unsure what differentiates a “sherbet” from ice cream or sorbet, you are, first of all, not alone but, it’s actually pretty simple: Sherbet falls right in the middle of sorbet and ice cream, as it’s similar to ice but still includes dairy. What especially sets sherbet apart however is its use of fruit as a main ingredient (in this case, Stewart’s sherbet is made with peaches) and citric acid, resulting in more of a tart taste than a traditional ice cream would.

But as Shakespeare once wrote, a frozen treat by any other name would taste as sweet (that’s the line, right?), so whether it’s called ice cream, sherbet, or another name entirely, I know I’ll be making this delicious dessert all summer long.

Head to Martha Stewart’s website for the full peach sherbet recipe.

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