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Rachael Ray Just Shared a Genius Hack for Making Cannelloni & It’s So Easy

Let’s face it, after more than a year of pandemic cooking our recipes could use a serious refresh. After all, there are only so many times we could make the TikTok baked feta pasta before the rest of our family starts complaining. In times like these, we like to turn to our favorite celebrity chefs, who continually keep us on our toes with their cooking tips and tricks. And if we’re looking for a totally unique and delicious dish, Rachael Ray has got us covered. The chef just shared her recipe for Cannelloni with Spinach and Spicy Red Sauce in a new Instagram video, and besides being the mouthwatering meal we’ve been looking for, Ray shared a totally genius hack that makes putting together the pasta so much easier.

The Rachael Ray Show’s Instagram account shared the how-to video and recipe, as well as the brilliant time-saving tip: “Instead of buying and tediously filling cannelloni tubes, Rach has an easy shortcut—she rolls her own using lasagna sheets for this baked pasta dish made with spinach + spicy red sauce.”

Seriously, how genius is that? You get all of the yummy goodness of classic cannelloni without the tedious fuss of actually trying to get the filling inside a cooked pasta tube. And this comes on the heels of Ray sharing her tips for perfect macaroni and cheese, meaning our overall pasta game is getting a serious upgrade.

To make this recipe you’ll need a couple of key ingredients such as sun-dried tomato paste, superfine sugar, Calabrian chili paste, and red vermouth. This dish packs a ton of flavor and is sure to be a favorite in your house. It’s comforting, looks delicious, and is easy to make — what more could we ask for?

Get Rachael Ray’s Cannelloni with Spinach & Spicy Red Sauce recipe. 

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