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Trader Joe’s Just Turned One of Their Most Popular Seasonings Into a Sandwich Spread & We Want to Put it on Everything

Spicy mayo? For spring? Groundbreaking. But really: This is a-mayo-zing news.

Trader Joe’s infamous Chile Lime Seasoning Blend has officially evolved into a new and improved — and spreadable (!!!) —form: A delectably tangy mayonnaise, now available for purchase in Trader Joe’s stores.

As per usual, the TJ’s enthusiasts over at @traderjoesobsessed on Instagram made the delicious discovery while shopping earlier today. “ATTENTION CHILE LIME MAYO IS HERE,” they captioned their snap of the inaugural Chile Lime Mayo jar, scribing in all caps — as one does whilst spreading such revolutionary information.

“Imagine this on fresh grilled corn, marinades, sandwiches, wraps or even salad dressing,” the caption continued. “What will you do with this??”

Hm, I think the question is more: What will I not do with such innovation?! This magnificent mayo is begging to be slathered between two buns at every barbecue this summer — and then some. Though honestly, I wouldn’t mind using it as dipping sauce, or even a simple marinade.

Great minds, and mayo lovers, apparently think alike, because one fellow spicy mayo enthusiast shared their own marinating advice: “Marinate your chicken in this before popping on the grill!” Duly noted, @thebougiehippiemama. Thanks for the heads up!

We personally can’t wait to try this new spread out this summer, especially during outdoor dining season when hot dogs and burgers, in desperate need of creative condiments, reign so supreme.

Here’s to a spicy mayo-filled summer, y’all. Head to your local Trader Joe’s and stock up on your Chile Lime Mayonnaise today.

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