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Giada De Laurentiis Just Put an Italian Spin on This Classic Summer Side Dish & It Sounds Dreamy

What makes an amazing main course even better? Having delicious side dishes to compliment that star of the show. Honestly, our go-to summer side is definitely corn. There are so many ways to make it — corn on the cob, creamed corn, and even corn casserole. It’s usually easy to make, delicious, and a crowd-pleaser. Giada de Laurentiis knows how to turn any classic into an Italian masterpiece like her Italian potato salad and Italian French onion soup. Her latest? A twist on corn off the cob. It’s called creamy corn with pancetta and it seriously looks delicious.

She shared the divine-looking dish on her @thegiadzy Instagram account, writing, “Sometimes, the side dish is the star – which is often the case when @giadadelaurentiis‘ creamy corn with pancetta is on the dinner table. 🙌”

Honestly, after taking a look at the ingredients, if you have little corn lovers or even picky eaters, we think they’ll be a fan of this dish. Its got crushed red pepper flakes, mascarpone cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, pancetta, shallot, and even fresh basil. Don’t these all sound like they’d compliment one another oh, so well?

Our favorite part of this is definitely just how easy it looks to make. Basically, all you do is add the majority of the ingredients into the skillet in different phases, let it cook, and top it with basil and black pepper. All in all, prep and cook time is under 30 minutes. Even if you don’t have a ton of time to whip up dinner, adding this probably wouldn’t be too much of a headache.

If you’re looking to wow the masses with a delicious, yet simple, dish, definitely consider making this creamy corn for your next outdoor summer dinner party. We have a feeling everyone will love it.

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