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Pickled Garlic Is Sold Out In Grocery Stores Everywhere Thanks to That Viral TikTok But You Can Still Get Some on Amazon

TikTok food trends make up, like, at least half of our diet these days. TikTok is where we learned how to make our beloved Dalgona coffee; it’s where we discovered the wrap hack that makes breakfast so easy and delicious; and it even showed us a new way to eat instant ramen, something we’ve been devouring a few packets of a week since we were kids. But our latest obsession is one we haven’t been able to try just yet – a simple, spicy pickled garlic snack that is so good, its creator just eats it with a spoon. If you’ve watched the video, you’re probably also wondering where to buy pickled garlic. We haven’t been able to find it anywhere in grocery stores since the original TikTok went viral (it has more than 3 million likes!), but it looks like Amazon is here to save the day once again.

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Like we said, the snack is deceptively simple for something with such bold, complex flavor. You need a jar of pickled garlic to make it. You drain the brine from the garlic, then mix the garlic with a lot of Sriracha, some Korean chili flakes (gochugaru), and dried thyme. Mix it all together, and you’ve got a zesty snack you can eat with a spoon (or serve as a condiment with rice, soups, grilled meats, and more).

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Courtesy of Sanniti

Sanniti Spanish Pickled Garlic – 2 Pack $19.99 on

We were so relieved to find pickled garlic on Amazon, because honestly, once we heard about this snack we couldn’t stop thinking about it. There are a few brands available, like Sanniti Spanish Pickled Garlic, Christopher Ranch California Grown Pickled Garlic, and Byler’s Relish House Sweet and Tasty Pickled Garlic. Each one has its own recipe, but all of them will work to make the viral TikTok garlic snack.

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Courtesy of The Spice Way

The Spice Way Thyme Leaves $5.99 on

Even better? You can get the other ingredients you need (dried thyme, Sriracha, and gochugaru) on Amazon, too.

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Courtesy of Huy Fong

Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 3-Pack $10.35 on

Now, eating whole cloves of garlic might sound kind of extreme. But the truth is, pickling the garlic takes away a lot of the raw burn you get from fresh cloves, making their flavor much milder. The spice of the Sriracha and chili flakes harmonizes with the garlic’s tempered fire, too, making this snack more than the sum of its parts.

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Courtesy of Tae-kyung

Tae-kyung Korean Red Chili Pepper Flakes $10.93 on

Whether you eat it on its own or use it as the best savory, spicy condiment of all time, Sriracha pickled garlic can be yours, thanks to Amazon.

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