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Costco’s Latest Bakery Item Is an Almond Lover’s Dream

There is one section of Costco that never ceases to amaze us. It’s the first spot we run to when we stroll through the store: the bakery section. Not all of us are baking connoisseurs, so having pre-made options can be a game-changer in birthday and dinner party situations. There is such a wide selection of options at seriously amazing prices. Our favorites are the tuxedo cake, giant chocolate brownie and cinnamon rolls. Costco’s latest sweet confection is one we have a feeling all you almond lovers will enjoy. It’s an almond cream-filled danish and we can’t stop thinking about how perfect it would pair with your morning cup of coffee.

The popular Instagram account @costcobuys shared the find with followers, writing, “Anyone else love Costco’s almond cream danishes?? 🤔 All of their danishes are great, but these are definitely my favorite!” They retail for $9.99 (talk about a steal) and come in three flavors; almond cream, cream cheese, and cherry. Honestly, all of these flavors look delicious, but as an almond lover myself, I’m most excited to try that one. We have a feeling this would make a great breakfast treat cut up for your little ones.

All in all, if you’re a danish lover, an almond lover and a breakfast lover, we have a strong feeling you’ll be searching for this item every Costco trip after you take that first bite. At a price like this, we have a feeling these are going to go fast, so run, don’t walk, to your local Costco to get your hands on a pack.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with more awesome Costco bakery items seen in the gallery below.

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