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Rachael Ray Gives Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwiches a Zesty Twist With This Throwback Recipe

If there’s one food that we know any picker eater will probably enjoy, it’s a hot grilled cheese sandwich. There’s just something so delicious about the combination of crisp bread and gooey cheese. It’s irresistible, even for us adults. One of our favorite things to do is find recipes that spice up classics and give them a new life. Some of our favorites include Giada De Laurentiis’ Italian French onion soup, Martha Stewart’s Meyer lemon coffee cake, and deep-fried lasagna rolls. Now, thanks to Rachael Ray, we’ve got our eye on an old favorite with a new twist: Buffalo Wing Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Ray recently shared a throwback video of how to make this amazing-sounding food mashup and honestly, we can’t stop thinking about it.

Ray included the fun video in celebration of National Grilled Cheese Day (which was yesterday), writing, “Here’s a throwback recipe from 2013 for Buffalo Wing Grilled Cheese sandwiches—we’re on a bit of a buffalo kick recently! We thought these were the perfect sammies to highlight on #NationalGrilledCheeseSandwichDay

This combination looks delicious, and we don’t know how we never thought of it. You build a basic grilled cheese — although Rach’s version called for sharp Cheddar and blue cheese crumbles —  add a sprinkle of scallions, and then shredded saucy chicken pulled from buffalo wings. Ray even includes some pro tips on how to cook the perfect grilled cheese. For starters: Butter each side of the bread before popping it on the skillet, so each side is evenly coated. And don’t cook the sandwich on too-high a heat setting; between medium-low and medium is perfect.

Seriously, what’s not to love? There’s spice, there’s zest, and of course, cheesiness. So try out this mouth-watering Rachael Ray recipe; we have a feeling it’ll taste great.

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