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This Giada De Laurentiis Bread Recipe Uses Up All Your Easter Leftovers

Picture this. It’s the day after your grand Easter dinner and you’re stuck with all of these leftovers you have no idea what to do with. We’ve all been there (especially after Thanksgiving). Finding ways to turn those scraps into a delicious dish isn’t easy, but this year Giada De Laurentiis has got us covered. From her ricotta bruschetta to her lemon zucchini spaghetti, it’s no doubt that she’s the queen of Italian cuisine. Her latest creation, an Italian bread that uses up those delicious Easter leftovers. It’s called Casatiello bread, and it’s divine.

She took to her @thegiadzy Instagram account to share the creation with followers, writing, “Traditionally, this Italian Easter bread – aka, Casatiello – was made the day after Easter in an effort to use up all of the leftover cheese and salame… but it’s just so darn festive, we can’t help but make it the day of. 🥚” Never have we ever seen a loaf of bread that contains full eggs woven into the dough — it’s intriguing! It looks salty, cheesy and so delicious. It’s great too because you can put pretty much whatever type of meats and cheese you have leftover into the bread. This is definitely a labor of love, taking around two hours to prep and bake, but your hard work will pay off as soon as your guests take a bite.

Seriously, this could easily become a family staple and a fun recipe to get the whole family involved. Your kids would love kneading the dough and watching it rise. The more hands on-deck for this recipe, the better.

Check out Giada De Laurentiis’ Italian Easter Bread.

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