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5 Passover Recipes Jamie Oliver Highly Recommends

If you’re looking for new and delicious recipes that meet the dietary restrictions of Passover, Jamie Oliver has suggestions — five, to be exact! The Naked Chef’s recipes always help us out when it comes to busy days, thanks to his easy meals like speedy sausage pizza, sausage carbonara, and meatball buns. Now, he’s also sharing recommendations this year for the holiday. Oliver shared some favorite Passover recipes — but with a twist: He’s not sharing his own recipes for Passover. Instead, he tagged Jake Cohen on Instagram and shared some of Cohen’s recipes. And they look seriously delicious.

Oliver took to Instagram to share his favorite recipes, writing, “Passover is around the corner & if you’re looking for more recipe inspiration, there is still time get following @jakecohen. His IG feed is packed with loads of delicious recipes for Passover and beyond. Here’s a taster of some you’ll find over on his page… Go and give him a follow and tell me which recipes you are gonna give a try. Happy Passover.”

So what are his top five from Cohen? Loaded matzo brei, flourless charoset cake, apricot chicken with matzo stuffing, coconut-chocolate matzah icebox cake, and avocado loaded matzah. We have to say that cake looks absolutely divine, and every dish looks like an actual work of art.

We honestly feel like any of these would make for a great addition to your Passover menu. And honestly? These recipes look so delicious they could become family favorites not only for the holiday, but for any time of the year.

Before you go, check out our gallery below:

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