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These St. Patrick Day Themed Cookies From Martha Stewart Are Perfect To Make With Your Kids

Finding themed activities to do around any holiday can be a difficult task. St. Patrick’s Day is full of corned beef, shepherd’s pie, and Irish soda bread but not many kid-friendly foods. There aren’t any traditional holiday desserts that your kids will enjoy, so when we saw Martha Stewart’s themed cookies we knew we had to share them with you. They’re called end-of-the-rainbow sugar cookies and they are the cutest little treats we have ever seen.

Stewart took to Instagram to share the creation, that was actually made by her digital editor. She wrote, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Find the pot of gold every time with these cheerful rainbow cookies, made by digital editor @alexandra_churchill. 🌈 Layers of different-colored dough are rolled into a log for these slice-and-bake rainbows. They’re baked and halved into arcs while warm, then the lucky pots of gold are added. Allow time for chilling and freezing the dough, the actual hands-on cookie making and baking takes just over an hour.”

OK so these may not be the easiest cookies to make, but your kids will love adding food coloring to the different dough balls and they will surely enjoy decorating them.

Set aside around 5 hours to complete these. That may seem long, but that’s including prep, refrigerator, and cook time. If you are a big baker, you will surely love creating these beauties (think about the bragging rights that will come with finishing them). Why not be a little daring this Saint Patrick’s Day?

Check out Martha Stewart’s End-of-the-Rainbow Cookies.

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