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This Martha Stewart Pound Cake Basically Tastes Like an Adult Orange Creamsicle

Who doesn’t love a nostalgic dessert? That first bite immediately takes you back to your elementary school days and it’s priceless. This latest Martha Stewart dessert will do just that. Of course, her desserts are incredible; her one-bowl chocolate cake, lemon squares, and (my personal favorite) lemon meringue sheet cake are all seriously divine. Her latest dessert will remind you of those hot summer days chasing the ice cream truck down to get your favorite cold treat. It’s called orange-barley pound cake, and it’s seriously an adult version of an elevated orange creamsicle.

Stewart took to Instagram to share her creation, writing, “Rich, buttery pound cake is always a crowd-pleaser, but this orange barley version will have friends and family eyeing another slice. Its secret weapons? Cream cheese for a subtle tang, low-in-gluten barley flour for a delicate crumb, and orange zest, which adds a scrumptious spin on flavor.”

Does that not sound delicious? Don’t even get us started on the glaze, it’s ingredients turn this loaf into a sugary, citrusy treat. “It’s a simple, delicious mix of confectioners’ sugar, orange juice, and orange liqueur,” Stewart writes. How could you not fall in love with this?

Although it takes over three hours to make, the majority of that time is baking and cooling time. It only takes 25 minutes to prep, meaning the hours of inactive time can be spent finishing up those errands around the house. This recipe is pretty basic in terms of steps, making it one we would consider to be a beginner-level dessert.

Definitely check this one out for yourself, you seriously won’t be disappointed. Especially after taking that first nostalgic bite.

Check out Martha Stewart’s Orange-Barley Pound Cake.

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