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This Is Why Your Costco Might Run Out of Bacon and Cheese

Ah, breakfast. The perfect time of day to whip out our beloved Costco bacon and some imported Costco cheeses to make a tasty morning meal and – wait, what? There’s a bacon and imported cheese shortage at Costco? CUE SCREAMING! That’s right, readers. This day started out like any other and now we’re hearing that Costco might actually be running out of imported cheese and bacon, but surprisingly enough, the two shortages are totally unrelated. So what exactly is going on, and will breakfast ever be the same again?

First off, the bacon. The reason why Costco is running low on bacon makes total sense when you hear it: people are just literally going hog wild for the stuff. During quarantine, consumer demand for bacon has skyrocketed. Maybe it’s because so many of us are eating every breakfast at home these days, or maybe it’s because we’ve realized life’s too short to not eat bacon whenever we want, but either way, sales of the cured pork product are up 45 percent at Costco. However, they’re working to make sure that their stores stay stocked, with the CFO saying that they “feel good about our competitive ability” to both keep bacon on the store shelves and to keep the price nice for the customer.

The cheese is a little more challenging. The reason why your Costco might be out of Gruyere, Brie, Parmigiano Reggiano, and other imported cheeses is because there is currently a global shipping container shortage. There have also been delays at ports, thanks to said shortage and due to the pandemic. And though you may have noticed the imported cheese shortage first at Costco (after all, it’s where most of us do our bulk cheese shopping), unfortunately this is one issue you’ll see at retailers nationwide.

Thankfully, as the pandemic subsides and more people are getting vaccinated, it looks like the shipping container shortage should start to be less of a problem in the coming months.

Maybe by this summer, we’ll be able to stock up on bacon and imported cheese at Costco again without feeling like doomsday preppers.

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