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This Italian Sheet Pan Chicken From Giada De Laurentiis Saves You Time On Busy Weeknights

We are all here for any sort of hack or trick to help make things in our busy lives more efficient. When it comes to dinner, especially during those hectic weeknights, it’s sometimes hard to find healthy, fast, and homemade options to cook. However, Giada De Laurentiis has always got our backs when it comes to finding those simple recipes. From her sausage and peppers to her Italian wedding soup she is a master of those easy-to-make recipes. Her latest is a delicious Italian sheet pan chicken…you know what that means? One pan for the entire meal, making clean up so much easier.

De Laurentiis took to her Giadzy Instagram account to share the delicious recipe with followers writing, “This Italian sheet pan chicken has a lot going for it: a super flavorful marinade, diced up bread that soaks up the juices and transforms into incredible croutons, and it’s all super easy to pull off.” This recipe looks so delicious. With a marinade that includes garlic, onion powder, hot paprika, oregano, and fennel seeds your taste buds will be exploding.

This dish is also super simple and takes a little over an hour to prep and bake. Of course, you will want to plan this one ahead to get that chicken to really soak up the marinade (De Laurentiis recommends 4 to 8 hours). However, when it comes to cooking this meal, it’s super simple. Every part of this dish gets baked in the oven in one pan, meaning there is a lot of inactive baking time, great when you have last-minute things you need to finish around the house.

All in all, we have a feeling the whole family will fall in love with this flavorful dish. Try it out for yourself to see why we are loving it.

Check out Giada De Laurentiis’ Italian Sheet Pan Chicken Recipe here.

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