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Martha Stewart Tops Her Potato Gratin With These Two Surprising Ingredients

Everyone has a favorite style of potato dish. Some like it mashed, some like it baked and if you’re like me then you like it au gratin. There are endless ways to transform a potato, but finding outside ingredients that pair well with them is an art in itself. What if we told you Martha Stewart’s latest dish combines some of our favorite ingredients to pair with potatoes inside of the dish itself? It’s called asparagus and potato gratin and we are already loving it.

Stewart took to Instagram to share her divine creation, writing, “Is anything better than a decadent potato gratin? Yes: a potato gratin with asparagus and prosciutto. The sweet, grassy undertones of goat cheese and sharp Pecorino Romano compliment this side-turned-dinner dish beautifully and will have the whole family asking for seconds.”

The addition of veggies and meat really allows this to become a hearty dish with tons of flavors. These contrasting flavors, complement one another so well that this recipe is already becoming a fan favorite. One commented, “just made my list of faves!” Another wrote, “you had me at potato.” This definitely isn’t the simplest recipe, there are many steps and processes used but the decadent outcome makes all that hard work totally worth it.

This will surely become a household favorite, even among your pickiest eaters. I mean come one, who can resist cheesy potatoes? With Easter around the corner, this would seriously be a perfect addition to your celebration feast.

Check out Martha Stewart’s Asparagus and Potato Gratin Recipe

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