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Padma Lakshmi Just Shared the Most Craveable Salad With an Unexpected Topping

When Padma Lakshmi shares a recipe, we sit up and take notice. Whatever it is, we know it’s going to be delicious and filled with flavor. On Instagram, Lakshmi just shared a video demonstrating how to make homemade paneer (an Indian cheese), and it’s worth the watch to get to the end, where she puts that yummy paneer into one of the most delicious-looking chickpea dishes we’ve ever seen. Call it a salad, a snack, or — as Lakshmi does — an appetizer or “just something you can pick at or have for a light lunch,” you’ll want to drop everything and start cooking this one…like right now. Take a peek:

Lakshmi shared the salad recipe with her followers, focusing her video on how to create the perfect paneer. (Yes, you can buy frozen paneer, but Lakshmi clearly thinks homemade is worth the effort here.) She wrote, “We made paneer 🧀 I used that delicious chile crisp that I made the other day as a dressing for this salad of chickpeas, paneer, red onion, cilantro, and lemon juice.”

Although this salad may sound simple, the chile crisp topping adds an amazing flavor explosion. Lakshmi shared the recipe for this one on Valentine’s Day, and it looks seriously delicious.

Yes, putting this salad together is time-consuming, but how fun would it be to make fun to make paneer with your kids and demonstrate science in action as milk turns into cheese?  It’ll be magical to your mini chefs. Plus, it’ll make your sad desk lunch a thing of the past.


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