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Trader Joe’s Has a Nutty New Snack That’s Perfect For Almond Lovers

If you are a Trader Joe’s fan like us, then you know they have some very unique cult-favorite products. From their Everything But The Bagel seasoning to their Mac-and-Cheese bites, when Trader Joe’s releases a new item, everyone gets excited because it could be the next orange chicken or cauliflower gnocchi. Their latest product looks so delicious and also looks like it would make for a perfect after-school snack. They are called almond butter almonds and we have a feeling these are a finish-the-bag-in-one-sitting kind of treat and we are so here for it.

Trader Joe’s announced the product on their Instagram account writing “Have you ever felt like almonds aren’t almondy enough?” They went on to explain exactly what their snack consists of, “We’ve taken whole California #almonds and roasted them in sunflower oil with salt, then covered those #nuts with a scrumptious, sweetened Almond Butter coating.” Doesn’t that sound just delicious! It takes the struggle out of having to dip almonds yourself. “Unlike a jar of #AlmondButter, you can reach right into this 8 oz. bag with your hand and pull out a fistful of coated nuts to easily enjoy their almondy #almond flavor.”

Not only do these seem to taste delicious, but there also seems to be a ton of different ways to use them. Trader Joe’s suggested we “Eat them one-by-one, or create your own tasty #snackmix with the likes of TJ’s Movie Theater Popcorn and Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans!”

We are already excited to try these out for ourselves see what fun creations are kids come up with them. Head to Trader Joe’s soon to pick up a bag of these before they’re all gone.

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