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Giada De Laurentiis Just Shared a Decadent Dessert Recipe That’s Shockingly Easy

There are two words that always capture our attention, and they’re “chocolate” and “dessert.” Add in a third — “easy” — and we’re pretty much sold without knowing any other details. So when we saw Giada De Laurentiis’ latest Instagram post showing a video of a decadent-looking chocolate dessert that looks simple enough to make without a recipe, well, we got excited. De Laurentiis shared her chocolate affogato recipe and it’s an absurdly easy way to get an elegant chocolate fix (not to mention a caffeine fix!).

“Whether it’s for a delicious simple dessert or a decadent way to start the day, @giadadelaurentiis’ chocolate affogato is always a winning choice.” wrote @thegiadzy’s Instagram account. It’s sweet, filled with espresso and ice cream, and we’re already feeling more energized just thinking about it.

As we all know, De Laurentiis is kind of the master when it comes to Italian meals — especially dishes that look and taste impressive but take advantage of time-saving shortcuts — and this chocolate affogato is yet another way she’s showed off her skills.

While we’re definitely down with De Laurentiis’ suggestion to enjoy this as a decadent breakfast, obviously this affogato is traditionally enjoyed as a dessert. The chef notes on her website that making a homemade whipped cream for your affogato “takes the classic dessert one step closer to perfection,” but if you’re planning on making it up in the morning there’s no need to take on the extra work.

Get Giada De Laurentiis Chocolate Affogato recipe.

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